Falling Short-Links
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  • Ian Hart's 902 Halifax Hardcore Page
  • This Day Forth-newfoundland hardcore!
  • Last Few Years-kick ass emo band from Bedford.
  • The Pavilion, Halifax's all ages club
  • Led By Regret, these guys are fucking cool
  • Disusted With Authority (d.w.a) from Cape Breton
  • Erin's page, a lot photo's of maritime bands
  • Katie's page on the PEI hardcore scene
  • Restraint-a sXe hardcore band from PEI. This is there new page.
  • Soperfunk.com, crazy shit from p.e.i., fuckin funny, check it out.
  • Cafe-X-Treme, an all ages club in Truro
  • Useless Solution, what can I say, these guys kick ass.
  • A good site with pictures of bands (mostly from halifax) done by Alexis.
  • Inferior Cross from Truro.
  • Greg's new band Tastes Like Burning from PEI.
  • Since 15, skate punk band from right here in Sackville.
  • Dichotic, cool metal band from Halifax.
  • The Whore Moans, there from sakcville, thats all I really know
  • Asscribed, from cape breton (i think?), real great band.
  • Under Authority, an old school/new school band from St. John's NFLD.
  • Malpractice, there a metal/punk band from Halifax and they fucking kick ass!!
  • Alexis' online diary, dont ask, just go read, great site.
  • Meatatarian,a meat-core band made up of members of Falling Short.