For all the passion that I feel In some was could it not be real? Just someone else’s thoughts and blurs So that I can finally feel secure? Is this life I live my own? For me to choose what’s right, what’s wrong? An intellect is what I choose A society is what-I-loose
Lead Your Follower
Lead Your Follower! You try to be, just like me Why can’t you be, what sets you free? We-think-that-we-know-ourselves But-was-it-ever-thought The-things-we-never-tried May-become-soon-to-sought? Passion exceeds pleasure but to whom is it better? The pleasure that will fade, or the passion that lasts forever? If we try and touch, more than just the skin We will feel something greater, the is deeper than a sin If we try and touch someone’s heart than we will find The beauty that’s lost in pleasure In the passion we can find As I look in the mirror what do I see? Is this reflection really me? Or is it someone else, that I don’t know? In the years of my youth, have I really grown? Maybe I have grown on the outside But have I grown smarter in my own mind? Living though someone else’s thoughts and dreams Can I live my own life buy my ways and means
Dark, Mysterious Dire soul Which some have come to believe Pierce the flesh of the willing Not pain but pleasure received The passionate fury of one such soul May invoke the desires of me Natural weapons with no remorse Tear through as my tears start to bleed But this physical act done unto me Has started to loose it’s feel I seek emotional wounds that cut deep in my heart That will slowly start to heal What a pleasure it would be to embrace this soul And to always know it is near This soul has been hurt many times before To put trust into me would she fear? As my body lay bruised, scraped and torn These marks heal and do not stay But the wounds left deep on my heart by her Will scar and always remain
What We Do Best
I’ve-tried-so-hard But you have never listened once You-can’t-even Admit the fact that you were wrong This-time-I’m-not Going to get it of my chest I’m-just-going-to Do the things I do the best Because now I have come to see That you can’t see what I’ve come to be Fuck you! I have beliefs too Fuck you! I have beliefs too Fuck you! I have beliefs too But not like you! I have fear inside of me, but inside you I cannot see
Falling Short
In this world so full of lies this pain and hatred won't subside But we can change our humanity To caring not insanity We will always be plagued by this place And the pestilence of the human race But if you have no hope inside your heart Your entire life will be falling short Falling - Short
Rite Of Passage
Through a machine of mass production To a home so unaware A culture is destroyed and a new one is built Full of violence greed and fear But this new culture holds no song and dance And the rituals are not as fun Your age does not matter to become a “man” Your rite of passage is to buy a gun In this culture the women are the weaker sex They are as equal as minority youth They are treated unfair in society And their paychecks of oppression is proof Is proof! What’s important to “they” or “we” Is not the same as “she” or “he” But what’s important to “she” or “he” Is the same importance that reflects in me Your rite of passage is to buy a gun!
One in the same segregation is lost Until one corrupt mind gains with anothers cost Not born to judge but taught to blame Oppression starts and supremacy reigns Supremacy reigns! (x4) We are blind but can see with ability to help Unity is needed instead of ones self United we stand divided we fall We must act together not one but all Not one but all! (x4) -Repeat-
Cloud 9
As I look to the sky for comfort The clouds are changing with time They make pictures as time passes Of all the people in my mind Some of the clouds look the same But some are honest and true Then I see the most beautiful cloud And this cloud I see is you You float gracefully over top of me As I glare at you so high You seem so far away to reach I wish that I could fly To join you high in the sky And to know your mysterious name You look down at me silent As you smile and start to rain I let your rain shower me As it cleans my mind and clears Then I start to drink the love That pours inside me from your tears My skin absorbs the wetness Of these feelings that you spray This gift that fills deep inside of me Will never go away
This Man Is Hate
The natural instinct of dominance Prevails and turns into violence This rabid warrior seeks total control As we relinquish the fight and do what is told This superior being is opposed to regret He is flawless and victorious to everything he sets He keeps what he fears suppressed and condemned His world is right and belongs to him -Repeat- BELONGS TO HIM! THIS MAN IS HATE! (x4)
Mind Over Matter
If knowledge is power why must we not think to survive? Dependant on machines instead of our minds To fend for our own would it be so hard? When everything is done for us were do we start? Lets create our own standards for the ways that we live To gain independance what we receive is what we give If knowledge is power why must we not think to survive? Dependant on machines instead of our minds Instead of our mind(4x)
Image Means Nothing
If you take a look inside my mind You will see and you will find Something that I hold dear Something that I don't fear! Image is! Nothing! Mentality's! Eveything! If you take a look inside my head You will see everything that I've been fed Then you will know when you see my outside Who I truly am is in my mind Image is! Nothing! Mentality's! Everything! Now- you- know- me Myself is who you've come to see No matter how hard you try and find My image will never reflect Whats-In-My-Mind!
This Pain I Feel
How can you be so vain? Why can't you feel this pain? This pain that I feel If I show you worse With no remorse Of this world that I fear.....then You-Will-Feel-This Feel This! Pain-That-Ex-sists Exsists Now can you search and find? All this pain thats in my mind? How can you be so vain? Why can't you feel this pain? This pain that I Feel? Now! You-will-feel-this Feel this! Pain-that-ex-sists Exsists Now! Monolog: I am not proud to be a man, I am not proud to be white, I am proud of who I am inside my own mind. My mind has no gender and my mind has no colour, my mind represents me! I-can-feel-this! Pain! Hate! (x17)
High School Hatred
It's all around, it's not going to go Ignoring it's not going to solve the Problem!(problem) Stand up for your right-Right! Get ready to fight-Fight! Your not alone now!(now) Teenage suicide, what is wrong? what is right? But who's to say? It's your life anyway It get's under your skin, it's taking you in Think your taking it out on your Own!(own) There are others like you-Like you! They do what you do-You do! Living is not the problem!(problem) Teenage suicide what is wrong? what is right? But who's to say? It's your life anyway! I live my life day to day why can't they just go away! I live my life just for me why can't they just let me be! I don't like their stupid hair jock tattoo's or clothes they wear! I don't make fun of them but when they see me they stop and stare! Teenage suicide what is wrong what is right? But who's to say? It's your fucking life anyway!
-all lyrics by Scott Lind (except High School Hatred *by Greg Boone)