September 24th
  • Where:The Pavilion
  • With:Last few Years, Jokes Over, Bound to Happen
  • Comments:Great show, tons of energy. Dave fell over.

    July 20th

  • Where:The Pavilion
  • With:Good Clean Fun, Envision, This Day Forth
  • Comments:Amazing. So fun.

    June 1st

  • Where:The Pavilion
  • With:The Whoremoans, Since 15, Misled Youth
  • Comments:This show ruled. Wayne or Jay weren't there. so Scott Played bass and Oke sang. Oh frig, it was fun.

    June 17th (i think)

  • Where:The Pavilion
  • With:Useless Solution, Dry Leaf, when All's Been Said
  • Comments:Jay was away at hellfest for this show. So Rob filled in. It was a pretty good show.

    June 3rd

  • Where:Kristens Garage
  • With:Last Few Years, Bound To Happen, The Lampshades
  • Comments:This was Kristens birthday party, house shows are always so much fun, this was no exception. Although the sound wasn't all that great, we had a blast. Gerry jumped over the drumset and tackled me (Dave) while I was playing, he almost killed was fun.

    May 21st

  • Where:The Pavilion
  • With:The Squeegees, Magnus Haze, The Burdocks, Hop On Pop
  • Comments:This was the third night of a three show weekend celebrating the release of the 'harbour mix' compilation, made up of different bands from all over the halifax region. The cd's avaiable at alot of stores in the Halifax area. The show was alright I guess, nothing special really.

    April 30th

  • Where:The Pavilion
  • With:Bound to Happen, Dry Leaf, Nothing To Say, By Any Means
  • Comments:This was the second night of Punkfest '00 and also our cd release show. There was a ton of people at the show and was really fun. We sold all 50 cd's we brought with us (which broke the record of cd's sold at a release party at the pavilion/cafe ole). Some girl wrote an article on the show for the Dalhousie newspaper, it pretty much sucks (according to her we only have 4 members now??) but I'll try to get it scanned (my scanners busted) anyways, thers a prety cool picture of Scott in it.

    March 25th

  • Where:The Aberdeen Center, Moncton
  • With:No Control, Self Inflected, DTA, Purple Knight
  • Comments:The best EVER!! There was over 300 people there and there was a HUGE pit!!! The whole show ruled!! We brought up 15 cds and sold them all in about 3 minutes. We can't wait to go back.

    March 24th

  • Where:CKDU
  • Comments:I'm not sure this counts as a show, but we played on the show Firestorm and CKDU run by Ian and Morgan. It was super fun! The night guy didn't show up so me (dave), Wayne and Jay ran the show all night.

    March 16th

  • Where:Pavilion
  • With:Jokesover, Malpractice, The Rivals
  • Comments:There was a really good turnout considering it was a Thursday. It was Ethans entrepeneurship project and a pretty fun show, I'm pretty sure he made enopugh money to pass his project.

    Febuary 25th

  • Where:Omars
  • With:Last Few Years, Bound To Happen and The Dumpsters
  • Comments:OMARFEST 2000!!!! Haha, this show ruled!! There was a lot of people there for a house show. We played pretty good I guess, the cops came and shut it down during Last Few Years last few songs (haha, get it?).

    Febuary 11th

  • Where:The Pavilion
  • With:Dichotic, Terratomb and Subservient
  • Comments:Ok, this was our first metal show. Everyone was kind of wondering how many people would be there. But suprisingly quite a few people showed up. It was a really fun show. I think were going to try to set up another show with Dichotic sometime later on.

    January 8th

  • Where:The Pavilion
  • With:When All's Been Said, Dry Leaf, By Any Means, Rippin Hammer (pei)
  • Comments:This show was part two of the New Seen Fest to raise money for a compilation cd we will be appearing on. The show started almost an hour late because Dry Leaf brought the drums and they showed up late. Because of this evryones sets were shortened. But the show was still really fun. We opened with the Snot Party theme song and everyone went nuts, the crowd was really into our set. Some people are saying it was our best show yet.

    December 22nd

  • Where:cafe-X-treme
  • With:When All's Been Said
  • Comments:This show sucked so much. When Alls Been Said were the only people watching us. It was just bad. Crappiest show we've ever played. And as if that wasn't bad enough, Matt's car broke down on the way home, and it was fucking cold out. So it all just sucked. I don't think we'll be going back to Truro for a while, unless we go up to release our cd up there.

    December 18th

  • Where:The Pavilion
  • With:When All's Been Said, Malpractice, New Terra, Jokes Over
  • Comments:This whole show was so much fun. It was the first time we headlined as Falling Short. Our set kind of sucked, but we still played pretty good.

    December 11th

  • Where:The Arts Guild (PEI)
  • With:When All's Been Said, Watchmaker, Restraint, A Reason Why, Crapulence, Tastes Like Burning
  • Comments:This was supposed to be the second show of the weekend. We went up to Truro to play Friday night but we got there and there was no we hung out in Truro all night, it was pretty fun. But PEI was awsome. We had three car loads of people (2 with us and 1 that was When All's Been Said). The whole trip was fun as hell. The show kicked alot of ass. When All's Been Said were so good, we fuckin love those guys. And we played a really good set, we seemed to break alot of stuff though. The crowd was fucking nuts, it was so fun. We played a total of 17 songs, the most we've ever played at a show. We were worried about the set being too long, but someone said it was only like half an hour or so. We wasted practically no time speaking, just pure music, it was great. The PEI scene seems pretty great, since we didn't play in Truro we got no money, and we needed some cash to get home, we hate buming money but we did it anyways because we needed it. Everyone was real great and helped out, they ended up donating over 50 bucks and we got home fine. Thanks so much to everyone that gave us some change...well, thanks to everyone for coming out and making this show so fucking fun.

    November 13th

  • Where:Cafe-X-treme (truro)
  • With:When All's Been Said, The Slimedogs, Inferior Cross, The Naysayers
  • Comments:This was our second time playing in Truro. It was fucking amazing. Even funner than the first time. When we were done people started chanting more. It was really cool. So we played Filler and I Don't Want To Hear It by Minor Threat and everyone went nuts! It kicked ass!! Cafe-X-treme is a real cool place, if ya get a chance go check it out. Michelle and Alana weren't weren't there this time, they got kicked out of their apartment...but we'd like to thank Darren alot for letting us stay at his place and for setting up the show.

    November 5th

  • Where:The Pavilion
  • With:Useless Solution, Led By Regret, Last Few Years, By Any Means
  • Comments:This was a benifit show for A.L.S. There was alot of people, alot of money was probably made for the A.L.s. foundationg. Fun show.

    Halloween 99

  • Where:Wayne's basement
  • With:No one
  • Comments:Umm....I think this classifies more as band practice with people over then a show.

    October 15th:

  • Where:The Pavilion
  • With:Choke, Jokesover, New Teraa
  • Comments:This was Wayne's first show. It sucked. The sound was all fucked up and everything kept cutting out. I think Matt had fun, but in the rest of our eyes it was the worst show that we've played so far. But we did start a pumpkin fight, that was kinda cool.
  • TimmyX's thoughts:Pavilion sound sux.It really does.Perfect ex.Falling Shorts set last night.Ahahahaha man the sound was so bad it wasn't even funny.I couldn't hear Scott singin.BLAH! But they played a new one so that was cool.As was the minor threat cover.As usual there was crazy pit and as usual timmyX got hurt.Gosh darn pumpkin.And now since Wayne is in the band they have a new hardcore fan,Nick.WATCH OUT!!!!! Uhh yea.Overall alright set.I've heard better.

    October 1st:

  • Where:The Arts Guild, Charlottetown, P.E.I
  • With:Restraint, Crapulence, A Reason Why, Straight Up, Crazy Pete and the dickmen, Out of Step, Mosh For Jesus
  • Comments:This was our first out of province show, it was possibly our funnest show yet. Greg played bass with us, and also Wayne played 2 songs. There was a lot of people there and everyone was going nuts! We might be going back sometime in December but we're not sure yet....hope we do.

    September 11th:

  • Where:Cafe X-treme (Truro)
  • With:Shoebox, Slight Return, When All's Been Said, Led By Regret
  • Comments:We get to Truro, expecting maybe like 5-10 people to be there, but there was tons of people, and they all seemed to get really into it when we played. We can't wait to go back. The place was amazing, really big, and it was all done by the youth, they painted the place, built the stage, worked the lights, everything. So we're up in Truro and find we have no place to stay, we get up on stage and ask who wants to let us crash at there house for the night. Before our last song we find out that two girls (Michelle and Alana) are going to let us stay at their apartment for the night. So we'd like to give a big shout out to Michelle and Alana and there roomate Amanda for putting up with us, they were really cool people...cya next time we're in Truro!

    September 4th:

  • Where:The Pavilion
  • With:The Build-ups, Piggy, By Any Means, The Plan, Led By Regret and Useless Solution.
  • Comments:This show was a suicide prevention/awarness show, it was also a benifit show for a family from Cape Breton in need. We were really glad to be a part of this show, thanks to everybody who played, Condon and Selwyn for putting it on and a special thanks to everyone who came out!

    August 22nd:

  • Where:Dave's Basement
  • With:Last Few Years, New Terra (sorta, Matt played guitar for them)
  • Comments:The show at Evan's house was so fun, we decided to have another basement show, this time at Dave's. This Day Forth we're supposed to play but couldn't because they had to head back home to Newfoundland. Last Few Years seem to get better each time I see them. This show was really fun, I (Dave) will probably host another sometime before too long.

    August 15:

  • Where:Evan Peacock's Basement
  • With:We were the only band
  • Comments:This was a last minute thing. It was Evan's birthday party (and also his first show with us), people were supposed to go to Evan's house and then go skating, but it started raining, so they couldnt skate. So the band played instead. It was fuckin fun! There were about 20 people there and everyone was up and got soooo hot in there

    August 7:

  • Where:The Pavilion
  • With:Jokesover, Dry Leaf, Last Few Years, When It's All Been Said
  • Comments:This show was fuckin intense, there was alot of people there and all the bands were really good!

    July 23:

  • Where:The Pavilion
  • With:Kids On Coffee, Slight Return, Bucket Truck
  • Comments:At this show Walter from Montreal were supposed to play but they never showed up! DICKS! This show sucked ass, no one was there and Bucket Truck and Slight Return are slow, boring, crappy music! But this was the debut of our mascott Blue Balls the Cat!

    July 4th:

  • Where:Ian Hart's Basement
  • With:Useless Solution, New Terra, Tilted, Mr. Bread, Asscribed, By Any Means (sorry if I missed any!)
  • Comments:Thanks to Ian for havin this in his basement! It was fucking fun, shit, it was soooo hot in Ian's basement, but it was worth it.

    June 12:

  • Where:The Pavilion
  • With:Malpractice, The Stack, Toilet Duck, Insipid
  • Comments:Our first show as Falling Short. It was a fucking amazing show! Malpractise did a bunch of Misfit covers, it was cool. There was a hell of alot of people there!

    May 24:

  • Where:Millwood High School
  • With:Not Applicable
  • Comments:This was Scott's first show, it sucked ass!! The sound guys didn't know what they we're doing and we got in shit for saying fuck!!

    April 2nd:

  • Where:The Pavilion
  • With:Bad Luck #13, Led By Regret, Dry Leaf, Tilted
  • Comments:This show was part of Punk Fest '99!! It was fuckin awsome!...Also Marc's last show!!....he gave a bit of a speach at the begining, and when he said, this will be my last show with these guys, you could hear someone scream out yeah!

    March 20th:

  • Where:The Pavilion
  • With:Initial Distrust,Slump, nUn-4-U, and Insipid
  • Comments:This was the Rock Against Racism show, also the first show we headlined.

    Febuary 6th:

  • Where:The Pavilion
  • With:Slump and Stranded
  • Comments:The Preptones were supposed to play too, but the cancelled at the last minute

    January 9th:

  • Where:The Pavilion
  • With:Jesus Christ Supermarket, Javex 12 and Useless Solution
  • Comments:Not a bad show, Useless Solution are really good

    Our first show (sometime in October '98):

  • Where:Dan Mombercat's back yard
  • With:The Televised Lawyers, The Squeegees and Breather
  • Comments:God this sucked