1-lead Your Follower
3-Image Means Nothing
5-Mind Over Matter
7-High School Hatred
8-This Man Is Hate
9-Rite Of Passage
10-Cloud 9
11-This Pain I Feel
13-What We Do Best
14-Falling Short

'Act Your Rage' is our first release. We released it April 30th/2000 at PunkFest'00. We broke the record for most albums sold at a release party at The Pavilion/Cafe Ole by selling 50 copies. If you want to get a copy and you live around here then go to one of our shows and pick one up. They cost 6 bucks each. If you want one and don't live around here then send 8 bucks (shipping and handling, that fun stuff) Canadian to:

Dave Prime
57 Jubilee Lane, Lower Sackville
Nova Scotia, Canada
B4E 1T3